Woodbury students are paying it forward

“What act of kindness would you do with $10?”

That’s the question being posed to Woodbury Elementary students, who will each be given ten dollars next week to brighten someone else’s day.

The students and staff at Woodbury recently embraced a program called Rachel’s Challenge, based on the writings of the late Rachel Scott, who had theorized that small acts of compassion could start a chain reaction of kindness. Indeed, paper links representing good deeds can be seen around the Woodbury campus.

One Woodbury family liked the concept so much they pledged their own money to launch a “Pay it Forward” campaign. Essentially, each child will receive an envelope containing $10 to make a difference in the life of another person – and the students will get to decide how.Ten dollar bill

Examples include picking up the tab for someone at a local restaurant, paying the parking fee for the car behind you at an event or buying a gift card and anonymously giving it to someone who works hard yet is rarely recognized.

Some classes will be pooling their funds to tackle bigger projects, while others will spend their $10 bills individually.

“Teachers and students will be generating ideas to complete as a class and families are encouraged to talk about kind acts one can complete with $10,” Principal ChrissAnn Shane writes in Woodbury’s most recent newsletter. “Have your child take pictures of the activity, draw a picture, or write a short narrative. We would love to have a collection of pictures and stories to share!”

If you’d like to thank the Woodbury family who made this possible, you’re not alone. Yet, in the spirit of selfless giving, they have opted to remain anonymous.

You can read more Woodbury’s newsletter, The Mighty Mustang.

[UPDATE: On Friday, the Orange County Register posted an article on Woodbury’s “Pay It Forward” initiative. You can read the story here.]