Superintendent featured in state publication

IUSD Superintendent Gwen Gross is featured in the latest edition of EdCal, a weekly education newspaper published by the Association of California School Administrators.

In the article, Dr. Gross shares a few of her experiences and expresses her passion for the job, as well as her respect for those who established the Irvine Unified School District.

Here’s an excerpt:

Gross said Irvine USD is a district with a deeply rooted culture of values that drives every action. Well-crafted documents outline core values of integrity, trustworthiness, collaboration, empowerment and learning, but there also is daily, visible evidence that these values are lived individually and exhibited organizationally. The strategic initiatives and the continuous improvement efforts that have been developed over time are remarkable, she said.

“This district has been created with great wisdom, depth and foresight, and its enduring reputation for excellence has been the result of significant time, as well as adherence to 30-plus thoughtfully crafted founding leadership principles,” Gross said. “Organizations must strive for momentum, not stability. Outrageous expectations should be standard. Students must be the focus of all efforts. Leadership is contextual and will be found at all levels in the organization. These are not just pithy slogans; they are constitutional truths, practically woven into the DNA of this district.”

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