Woodbridge High hosts Latin convention

No doubt there was a surge in local toga sightings on Saturday as Woodbridge High School hosted the Junior Classical League’s State Convention, drawing approximately 1,600 enthusiastic students, teachers and chaperons from 40 schools across California.

Like the National Junior Classic League, the state JCL promotes the study of the language and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. This weekend’s convention featured art, games, athletic activities and academic contests associated with these classical civilizations, as well as workshops and seminars on antiquity. Many of the participants faithfully played their roles, from their head-wreaths on down to the seams of their togas.

“Students competed in all sorts of competitions, ranging from chariot races to Latin oratory to board games,” Woodbridge Principal Jason Viloria said. “It was a great event.”

To view photos and a video from the Orange County Register’s website, click here.