Arts and music reign at IUSD campuses

Brad Van Patten, IUSD’s coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts, recently calculated the number of IUSD students participating in arts festivals, concerts and exhibits between February 1 and June 12, 2010.

Turns out, the figures are staggering. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Third-grade music performances: 1,762
  • The Donald Bren Honors Concert: 589 (including 98 third-graders at the pre-concert performance)
  • The Young Masters Art Show: 502 K-6 students
  • Imagination Celebration/Color Orange Exhibits: 223 K-12 artists
  • Elementary music concerts: 6,004 student-musicians in grades 4-6
  • Middle and high school theater: 556 (includes musicals, etc.)
  • Middle and high school visual art: 3,659 (includes exhibits to peers, individual school shows and portfolio projects such as Advanced Placement Studio Art)
  • High school dance: 368
  • Middle and high school music: 4,544 (includes all spring performances, on and off campus)

So, the total number of K-12 students performing or exhibiting in the arts is … 18,207. And this figure doesn’t include after-school activities such as the Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s ACE program or other performances that schools may produce.

IUSD NewsFlash congratulates all of the students who have participated in the arts this year. And we offer a special thanks to the staff, parents, volunteers and community partners – including IPSF and the Irvine Company – that made all of these incredible performances and exhibits possible.