Irvine schools to take part in the nation’s largest earthquake drill on Thursday

Get ready to drop, cover and hold on.

Joining millions across California, IUSD students and staff are planning to participate in the Great Southern California ShakeOut on Thursday morning. The annual statewide earthquake drill has been organized by a collaboration of nonprofit, business, government and education partners to prepare for a significant temblor.  

Starting at 10:21 a.m. on Oct. 21, Californians are expected to respond as they would during a real seismic event. Students in Irvine will practice proven strategies designed to keep them safe during and after a quake, including drop, cover and hold drills and evacuation exercises.

Additionally, some schools are planning to put more complex training into practice with search and rescue maneuvers, medical aid drills and mock-scenarios where parents are reunited with their children.

Parents and community members are reminded that these are only drills. In the event of an actual emergency, information would be posted right here on the IUSD NewsFlash.