IPSF, City of Irvine team up to support our schools – but they need your help

For months now, the Irvine Public Schools Foundation has been hard at work trying to leverage matching funds from the City of Irvine, which pledged to contribute up to $875,200 to help ease the impacts of larger class sizes in IUSD by kicking in one dollar for every dollar raised elsewhere.

IPSF reports that it’s already collected north of $500,000, and by our math that means more than $1 million for schools in Irvine Unified. While that’s a lot of money, it still leaves a hefty chunk of change on the table, and the foundation only has until Dec. 31 to raise the balance.

Here’s what IPSF had to say in its latest news release:

$1 MILLION. That’s how much the city of Irvine has set aside to help make sure your child gets the best education possible.

Between now and Dec. 31 they will continue to match any amount you donate to IPSF, up to a total of $1 million dollars for the calendar year.

Give $500, and the schools get a total of $1,000. Give $1,000, and the schools get $2,000. Give $100, and the schools get $200.

But you must hurry. The deadline is Dec. 31– just 8 short weeks away.

Please go to the IPSF website at www.ipsf.net and give. Give a little. Give a lot. Give something. Because whatever you give, the City will match.

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