South Lake Middle School’s principal and assistant principal get their just desserts

OK, so we’d be remiss in not sharing these recent photos from South Lake Middle School, where Principal Bruce Baron and Assistant Principal Rick Blazer were briefly turned into human sundaes.

The two actually agreed to the messy lunchtime stunt, which was a reward for the campus reaching its goal in South Lake’s “Direct Donation Fundraiser.” The sundae-makers were selected from a pool of students who had received special Shark Cards, which are handed out to kids who promote the school’s spirit and values.

Mr. Baron and Mr. Blazer were certainly awash in school spirit on Nov. 5 – along with chocolate sauce, caramel, candy sprinkles, whip cream and cherries.

After it was over, custodian Glover Hardy hosed the administrators down, but it would take another thorough rinsing and some showers before the two were presentable enough to chaperone South Lake’s dance later that evening.

“I think the messiest part was working to get all those sprinkles out of my ears,” said Mr. Baron.