Creekside Art Club volunteers use pottery-making projects to raise money for charity

Members of the Creekside High School Art Club recently combined pottery-making, sales and altruism into one pretty enterprising project.

Late last year, student volunteers logged extra hours making pottery pieces above and beyond what they intended to take home. The additional items were then sold around town, and by the time the holidays arrived, the group had raised enough money to purchase wheelchairs for three residents of Baja, Mexico.

Club Advisor Mat Pace said his students worked overtime to complete the additional projects, knowing that every piece would help support a very worthy cause.

“The benefits were multiplied as the students received the credits above and beyond their original goals,” Pace said, “and they get the satisfaction of knowing their hard work is going to help those in need.”

Once the pottery was organized by Art Club volunteers, it was sold at Creekside, as well as locations off campus, including a senior housing facility in Woodbridge. The proceeds paid for three wheelchairs, which were transported to Baja by Mr. Pace’s parents, Mike and Maureen.

“The Art Club is proud to be able to make an impact on someone’s life and give them the gift of mobility,” Mr. Pace said. “Look for more fundraisers in the new year as the Creekside Art Club recognizes the holiday season is not the only time of year for giving.”