Greentree Elementary’s principal gets slimed following successful school fundraiser

First, the kids approached with plastic cups of slime. Then they came with buckets. Pretty soon the stuff was being sprayed out of squirt cannons. And just to be sure Principal Tamara Brown was thoroughly drenched, staff members tugged on a rope connected to a pail of neon green goo overhead.

(Photos courtesy of Shane Cline)

Brown, protected by little more than ear plugs and goggles, was a good sport throughout Friday’s messy stunt, which was a reward for Greentree Elementary School’s successful Jog-A-Thon fundraiser. Similar to Eastshore Principal Lisa Kadam’s pledge to kiss a pig, Brown had volunteered for a public sliming if Greentree could raise more than $18,000.

By Friday, with the school approaching $20,000, students and staff were assembled on Greentree’s playground, with many chanting “Slime Mrs. Brown!” A few moments later, Brown was perched on a plastic chair inside a child’s wading pool, awaiting her gooey fait.

Students who raised the most money overall were allowed to approach Brown with buckets, while the top fundraisers in each class used cups. Teachers Alex Abshier and Patti Kimpler, whose classes broke the $1,500 mark, then took turns soaking their boss with the brightly colored slime, which we’re told was actually an edible blend of apple sauce, tapioca pudding and food dye.

By the time it was over, Greentree’s principal was in desperate need of a shower. But to show there were no hard feelings – and perhaps to get a little payback – Brown embraced several members of the her staff, sharing more than a little green slime in the process.

“It’s a little disgusting and I stink,” she said with a smile, “but it wasn’t that bad.”

As with many schools, the Jog-A-Thon serves as Greentree’s largest annual fundraiser. This year’s proceeds will help pay for document cameras, assemblies, a health tech, lunchtime activities through the City of Irvine and additional counseling hours.

Update: The Orange County Register has posted a video of Mrs. Brown’s sliming on its website, along with a story and several photos. Click here to check out the newspaper’s coverage.