Alderwood will drop ‘Basics Plus’ from its name to become Alderwood Elementary School

Starting next year, Alderwood Basics Plus School will officially be known as Alderwood Elementary School.

The IUSD Board of Education approved the change Tuesday night after Alderwood’s School Site Council voted unanimously to recommend dropping the “Basics Plus” label. Though the B.P. tag once signified a focus on basic skills and discipline, it became less relevant over the years as Irvine’s elementary schools evolved along similar paths.

In fact, “What does ‘Basics Plus’ mean?” has emerged as one of the more frequently asked questions by Alderwood families. In response, the school published a one-page brochure earlier this year that explains the rise of the basics plus movement in the context of the educational philosophies of the 1970s. The brochure, which can be viewed by clicking here, also explains why the “basic plus” designation is less applicable today.

“The School Site Council has worked long and hard on this project for most of this school year,” Principal Cindy Chaffee said. “With the help of many individuals – including Lauren Sipelis, director of elementary education; Dennis Gibbs, former director of elementary education; Ian Hanigan, public information officer; and Ken Horner, former Alderwood principal – we were able to study the history of our name and determine it was time for a change.”

“Thanks to everyone who worked with us,” she said, “to make this change a positive experience for the Alderwood community.”