Stone Creek’s Julio Manzo is announced as the fifth IUSD Classified Employee of the Year

Yesterday we told you about four IUSD workers who earned Classified Employee of the Year honors for 2011, but the identity of the fifth recipient remained something of a mystery because, well, he was out sick.

A day later, we all learned that IUSD’s final Classified Employee of the Year is none other than – drumroll, please!Julio Manzo, the hard-working head custodian who has earned superhero status at Stone Creek Elementary School.

Like his fellow recipients, Manzo was notified by a throng of campus visitors – today’s group included Board of Education member Gavin Huntley-Fenner, local California School Employees Association President Janelle Cranch, and Assistant Superintendents Lisa Howell and Terry Walker – who showed up during a schoolwide evacuation drill. Applause broke out the second his name was announced.

“I’m just overwhelmed,” Manzo said, after staff draped a royal cape over his shoulders. “There are people who are qualified for this, who deserve it more than I do, but I’m grateful for the recognition.”

Students and staff also presented Manzo with a custom T-shirt featuring a Superman logo and the words, “Mr. Julio, our superhero.”

Once again, congratulations to all of this year’s winners. To read brief profiles on each, click here.