Irvine students ‘Make Positive Choices’ during annual Red Ribbon Week festivities

Last week, schools throughout IUSD took part in a slate of activities associated with Red Ribbon Week, which spanned Oct. 22 through Oct. 30.

Formally established in 1988, Red Ribbon Week encourages students to steer clear of illegal substances, as well as “the illegal use of legal drugs.” This year’s campaign fell under the theme “Make Positive Choices” and featured Spirit Day events, health lessons, a youth forum and a popular Pizza Night celebration.

Irvine High School junior Katherine Carr and her sister Jacqueline, an eighth-grader at Venado Middle School, offered up the following local recap with the help of principals from Venado, as well as Deerfield and Stonegate elementary schools.

Schools in Irvine celebrated Red Ribbon Week with activities to draw attention to drug free and healthy living.

Deerfield Principal Kathy McKeown urged the students to “wear red from head to toe” and on Friday she was decked out in red from her socks to her earrings. The newly remodeled school was decorated with flags, balloons, and red ribbons. Red cups were placed in the chain link fence to spell out “Drug Free Zone.”

At Stonegate Elementary School, five brave teachers volunteered to have a professional BMX rider jump over them on a bike.

Red Ribbon Week began in 1988 and is celebrated nationally, reaching millions of students during the last week of October every year. By wearing red ribbons and participating in anti-drug events, young people pledge to live a drug-free life.

Stonegate Elementary School’s 800 students form a large red ribbon to mark this year’s Red Ribbon Week. (Photo courtesy of Stonegate)

Five teachers from Stonegate volunteer to be part of a BMX bike stunt during Red Ribbon Week.  (Photo courtesy of Stonegate)

Venado eighth-graders Allison Doty, Taylor Gonzales and Allison O’Brien show their “Hands Against Drugs.” (Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Carr)