Bus company that contracts with IUSD is at an impasse with drivers, who authorize strike

(Update: For the latest developments, click here.)

The Irvine Unified School District has recently been informed that Durham School Services, the transportation company that operates a majority of IUSD’s student busing routes, has reached an impasse during collective bargaining negotiations with its drivers, who have authorized a possible strike beginning Monday, March 5.

IUSD’s Transportation Department has been working to secure the services of alternate busing companies and backup drivers to ensure that all district routes are covered in the event of a work stoppage, which would also effect the Santa Ana and Laguna Beach school districts. At this time our district is not anticipating service disruptions, though families that rely on busing are encouraged to check the NewsFlash for any updates throughout the weekend.

Once again, only those who utilize IUSD’s busing services would potentially be impacted by a strike. IUSD, which is not involved in the labor dispute but continues to monitor negotiations, has been told that Durham and union representatives will continue to meet through the weekend.

In the meantime, Irvine’s transportation administrator has reached out to other companies, including Certified Transportation Services and American Logistics Company, to ensure all routes are covered.

Once again, for news and updates on the Durham labor dispute and its impact on IUSD, check back with the NewsFlash, or click here.