Santiago Hills principal becomes a human sundae following successful PTA fundraiser

They all screamed for ice cream.

And chocolate. And whipped cream. And caramel.

Days after Santiago Hills Elementary School shattered its PTA Jog-a-thon fundraising goal, Principal Corey Pace showed he was a man of his word — albeit a sticky one — as he allowed himself to be turned into a human ice cream sundae courtesy of some very excited students, who gladly poured on the aforementioned ingredients.

They also added some sprinkles and cherries just for good measure, as the Orange County Register reports. But Pace said it was all worth it to hear his students’ reaction.

“The squeals of the kids and how excited they were was my favorite part,” he said.

And the toughest part?

“Getting the whipped cream smell out of my nose,” he said. “It took two showers to figure all that out.”

Principals throughout IUSD have been offering to do some pretty embarrassing things as motivation for their campuses to meet PTA fundraising goals. You may recall that Oak Creek’s Carlo Grasso was recently the victim of a good ol’ fashioned sliming.

Pace pledged to become a sundae if his kids could raise at least $15,000 in this year’s Jog-a-thon. The school easily topped that with close to $25,000, prompting Monday’s celebration. (And special thanks to sixth-grade teacher Gregg Colbert for sharing the above photo.)

“I’m more than happy to embarrass myself if that’s what it takes to keep kids motivated,” the principal said afterward.