Suspect arraigned in arson case is accused of detailing criminal plans in emails

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday that it was seeking to hold an arson suspect without bail after investigators found a number of emails allegedly spelling out the suspect’s plans to harm students and staff members at University High School. (The case has received widespread media coverage, and then there’s this detailed news release from the D.A.’s Office.)

In response, IUSD Superintendent Terry Walker has issued the following statement:

“These are extremely disturbing allegations, particularly as they involve the potential safety of both students and employees.

“We are certainly grateful to the Irvine Police Department for the diligent efforts that led to last week’s arrest, and we will assist with the ongoing investigation in any way we can. We also intend to work closely with local authorities to ensure all measures are taken to protect students and staff. That is our No. 1 priority.

“As troubling as these charges are, we are reassured that law enforcement officials believe he acted alone and that he is currently behind bars. Based on the severity of the threats made, the District Attorney’s Office will also argue to have the suspect held without bail. We have confidence in our legal system to handle this case appropriately.”