Woodbridge Athletic Boosters give an assist to all WHS sports with a check for $139,000

Woodbridge High’s Athletic Boosters have given the school’s athletic department a pretty big boost to start the school year – in the form of a check for $139,000.

The funds, which were raised during the most recent Southern California Half Marathon & 5K race, will help pay for capital improvements, safety equipment, uniforms and coaching fees, as well as increased participation opportunities for students.

Kevin Trussell, co-chair of the race, said Woodbridge’s booster program is rare in that it benefits all sports on campus.

“This allows us to work as a team and has provided over a half-million dollars to our athletic department in the last three years,” he said.

Pictured above, clockwise, are booster President Jim Mellor; race Co-Chair Julie Flaiz-Windham; WHS athletic directors Rick Gibson and Eric Bangs; booster Doug Schneble; the aforementioned Trussell; Assistant Principal Belinda Averill; race Director George Varvas; and boosters Richard Crellin and Ellen Bartell. (Click to enlarge.)

Needless to say, the big check was a welcome sight for Woodbridge.

“We are absolutely blessed to have such involved parents working on behalf of all sports,” Gibson said.

For more information on Woodbridge’s Athletic Boosters, click here. For information on the next Southern California Half Marathon & 5K race, click here.