Uni High initiates precautionary lockdown before Irvine Police rule out threat

University High School initiated a brief lockdown at about 11:30 a.m. today, and nearby Turtle Rock Elementary School followed suit, but at no time were students or staff in danger.

In an email to the community, Uni Principal John Pehrson said the move was a precautionary one after a staff member reported activity that appeared suspicious. Irvine Police responded and determined there was no threat. The lockdown ended after about 10 minutes.

Pehrson has sent out the following notice to the community:

Dear UHS Community,

You may have heard that today for about 10 minutes the campus was in lockdown. Please know that the campus was safe and at no time was there a danger. A student was seen walking across campus delivering a package from one teacher to another. The student happened to be walking with his head down and apparently had his hair or hoody covering much of his face. Another teacher saw this student and at quick glance thought that the individual had a mask on. IPD has searched our campus from the ground and air and found no danger. We have confirmed that the student seen by the teacher was the same that had been sent to deliver something to another classroom.

These days we are taking every precaution. We thank you for being patient with us through the process. We also want to thank Irvine Police Department for their prompt response to this matter. If nothing else, it was an opportunity for a very realistic drill.

Happy Holidays to all and enjoy restful and well deserved break.


John Pehrson, Principal