IUSD at 40: Aerial photo of Irvine High School shows Irvine’s agricultural past

This week, we revisit Irvine High School with this aerial shot from around 1977.

The campus is impressive from afar, but what’s remarkable about this photo is all the residential development that’s missing just east of the Santa Ana Freeway. Indeed, the same bird’s-eye view from 2013 would reveal grids of housing in place of what we’re assuming are orange groves.

This photo was shared by Irvine High graduate David Winterhalter, who has maintained hundreds of images from the school’s early years. In fact, Winterhalter, a photographer, has posted more than 1,000 pictures on a Facebook page called “Irvine High – The First Four Years.”

Do you have an old photo of the Irvine Unified School District you’d like to share? Send it to ianhanigan@iusd.org, along with some basic caption information, including names, dates and locations. We may publish it on the NewsFlash as part of our IUSD at 40 project. Images from IUSD’s first four decades will be posted occasionally on Thursdays.