District releases latest in a series of videos to mark the district’s 40th anniversary

IUSD has released the second in a series of brief videos celebrating the district’s culture at 40. Check it out above.

This latest mini-documentary specifically highlights the dedication of IUSD’s employees and their contributions to the district. Featured are Tim Jamison, president of the Irvine Teachers Association, Janelle Cranch, chapter president of the California School Employees Association and Dr. Gavin Huntley-Fenner, president of the Board of Education.

As you may recall, the first video offered a broader view of the first four decades, touching on the themes of collaboration, empowerment and continuous improvement. We’re told a third video, set to come out sometime after spring break, will focus on the legendary Stan Corey, who, as the district’s first superintendent, established a set of “Founding Principles” that are still followed.