Eastshore sixth-graders think their teacher is ‘the bomb,’ and they show it with yarn

It’s Friday, May 10, the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, and we’ve got a yarn to spin.

A few days ago, some Eastshore Elementary School sixth-graders decided to show their gratitude toward teacher Patricia Goheen in a pretty colorful way — by “yarn bombing” the railing outside her classroom.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, yarn bombing is a relatively new type of street art in which public structures are wrapped in knitted or crocheted displays. Not only are they pleasant to look at, but they’re also easily removable.

We’re told that Goheen, a sixth-grade APAAS teacher, likes to knit in her spare time, and this year she taught her class how to knit during lunchtime. That gave student Morgan Kopecky the idea, which they carried out on Monday. (Click on either of the photos to enlarge them.)

“With the help of three other girls, they got busy knitting and made an amazing memory for their teacher,” said Scott Kopecky, who is Morgan’s father and Eastshore’s PTA president.

And what was Goheen’s reaction?

“I am utterly delighted, I have to tell you,” she said. “I love it.”