Plaza Vista, Vista Verde, Westpark and Woodbury set to kick off a new school year

Come Monday, July 29, a new school year will begin for Plaza Vista School, Vista Verde School, Westpark Elementary and Woodbury Elementary.

Those, of course, are IUSD’s year-round sites, which power through most of the summer but take three lengthy breaks during the year. The idea is to give families the choice of an alternate calendar, but we should note that the year-round campuses offer the same number of instructional days as Irvine’s other schools.

Speaking of which, the first day for IUSD students on the traditional calendar is Tuesday, Sept. 10, which also marks the opening of the new Jeffrey Trail Middle School. By that time, year-round students should be merrily making plans for their fall recess, which starts Sept. 23.

For more information, or to access a 2013-14 district calendar, click here.