Christopher Krebs drops ‘interim’ status, named new principal of Woodbridge High School

IUSD announced today that Christopher Krebs has been officially appointed as principal of Woodbridge High School.

You may recall that Krebs was named interim principal at Woodbridge back in in August, following the announced departure of Jason Viloria. Superintendent Terry Walker said the provisional appointment allowed the district time to conduct a more thorough review process that included soliciting input from the Woodbridge staff and community.

“In fact, a number of staff, parents and community members engaged in an online survey in January, offering thoughtful feedback on the strengths of Woodbridge, the challenges associated with providing a 21st-century education and the leadership traits that were most desired on campus,” Walker wrote in an email to the community. “Many articulated the view that Chris Krebs embodies the qualities sought for a principal and has displayed remarkable leadership since assuming the role of interim principal.”

“We could not agree more,” the superintendent added. “Not only does Mr. Krebs meet the high expectations we hold for our school principals, he represents an ideal fit for Woodbridge High School.”

A science teacher at Woodbridge for four years, Krebs earned a reputation as an innovative instructional leader prior to his selection as assistant principal in 2008. He served in that capacity for about five years, until his recent interim appointment.