Flash mob breaks out at Irvine High School as students celebrate Unity Week

Flash mob at Irvine High School

About 100 dance students, 20 ASB members and 10 teachers recently initiated a flash mob at Irvine High as part of the school’s Unity Week celebration.

The seemingly sudden spark of spontaneous dance took place around the quad between first and second period on Feb. 26, IHS Dance Director Sheryl Sloate tells us. (The photo above is courtesy of student Jenny Seo.)

“People gathered around and watched the flash mob unfold, and several joined in at the end as the performers invited people to join in and dance,” Sloate said.

The students and teachers apparently kept the whole thing hush, even as they secretly rehearsed for several days during lunch. Being Unity Week, which celebrates unity and diversity, the songs focused on togetherness. The dancing was coordinated by Irvine High dance captains Melanie Sakurada, Rachel Blevins-Boor and Kristen Ninonuevo, with help from Sloate and ASB Adviser Flip Lanard.

Said Sloate, “It was a new experience for Irvine High and hopefully a new tradition.”