Irvine Teachers Association announces eight scholarship winners for 2014

The Irvine Teachers Association has announced the 2014 recipients of its scholarship program.

Shabaan Qureshi of Woodbridge High has earned the Venture Scholarship, which is awarded to IUSD seniors or children of ITA members who are interested in continuing their education at a community college or technical school, while Woodbridge’s Viola You has secured the Future Educator Scholarship for IUSD seniors who will study in the field of education at a four-year university.

Sean Leavey of Woodbridge and Grant Tobenkin of Mission Viejo High School have both been presented with the ITA’s Carrie Valderrama Scholarship, which goes to children of ITA members who have been accepted to four-year universities.

And the Irvine Teacher Memorial Scholarship, which is open to all IUSD seniors who have been accepted to four-year universities, has been awarded to Alexandra Henderson, Dimitri Kaviani, Wei-Wen Hsu and Christopher Siino of Woodbridge.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s ITA scholarship winners were recognized at the start of the May 6 Board of Education meeting.