Latest federally-mandated asbestos inspections reveal no hazards in IUSD

An “extremely thorough” asbestos inspection that assessed every room on every IUSD campus over the summer has resulted in a clean bill of health for local schools.

Under the federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, or AHERA, school district facilities are required to be re-inspected for asbestos-related hazards every three years. A team from the environmental services firm A-Tech Consulting Inc. was dispatched to Irvine to perform that work in late August and spent about a week examining IUSD’s campuses.

In a letter dated Thursday, Oct. 9, an A-Tech Consulting official confirmed that his company’s comprehensive evaluation revealed no asbestos hazards in Irvine Unified.

“The re-inspections were extremely thorough,” Project Supervisor Joseph A. Williams said. “We made it a point to go into every building, room and closet within each school and look at every material. At this time, our findings indicate that there is currently no asbestos hazard throughout the Irvine Unified School District.”

IUSD, which will be re-examined again in three years, tends to go above and beyond in testing its schools for potential hazards, says Joe Hoffman, the district’s director of Maintenance and Operations.

“We follow all the AHERA guidelines and re-inspect our schools continually to make sure they’re safe for students and staff,” Hoffman said.