IUSD students connect with ISS for a unique glimpse of earth

The week of January 25, the Canyon View Elementary 5th graders, and Portola Springs Elementary 4th and 5th graders were “on mission” with the Sally Ride EarthKam.

The EarthKam has a camera mounted on the International Space Station (ISS). Mrs. Megan Seager and Mrs. Jessica Lingenfelter, both elementary science specialists, requested a mission date, which took place during the Weather and Space unit of study in her science lab. This program brings the earth science 5th grade curriculum standards into “view.” Students learned about the Space Station and how the camera works. Each student had the opportunity to select a location of his/her choice.  They then used latitude and longitude coordinates and uplinked them to request the image. Due to positioning of the ISS, student pictures were scheduled to be taken between January 25-31.  There was a Russian supply shuttle docked at the ISS during this time, so photos may contain part of that shuttle in them!


Students at both schools used iPads to remotely request images to be taken from a camera mounted on the International Space Station.  Each students used a map on the EarthKam website, selected an orbit and a location that they wanted a picture of. The orbits and Earth’s axis allowed for Southern Hemisphere pictures this week.

All students are very excited to view their photos next week.  They will be on the EarthKam website in a school gallery and can be viewed at school or home.

westpark creditElementary science specialist Vicky Anthony from Westpark Elementary also sent her 5th grade astronomers “on mission” and took the following photo of the Andes Mountains in Argentina, South America, near Argentino Lake. For those of you who speak satellite, the image was taken on 2015/028/19:43:37, Orbit 635, Nadir 49.86° S, 72.69° W, Center 49.86°, 72.69° W.

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