IUSD’s Erica Hawkes Races in the Boston Marathon

Congratulations to Erica Hawkes, IUSD Director of Special Education, who raced in the Boston Marathon earlier this week.  She finished the 26.2 mile race in only 3:33:55, which equates to a 8:09
Erica Hawkes (3) mile.   Erica’s time was even more impressive given the extreme weather conditions.  It rained nearly the entire race, with 20 mph headwinds at various points throughout the course.

“It pretty much rained, and at times poured, all the way from Hopkinton to Boston but it was one of the most amazing experiences ever,” said Erica.  “The crowds were incredible and really kept me going.”

This was Erica’s fifth road marathon and she has run one trail marathon.  Her Boston qualifier was the St. George Marathon, five hours south of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Erica’s Boston Marathon time qualified her for next year’s race.