Westpark Peter Pan, Jr. Production a Success!

Westpark Elementary just wrapped up their spring musical production of Peter Pan, Jr.  The school’s multipurpose room was transformed into a Never Neverland  full of lighted fairies gliding across the stage, dancing mermaids, chanting Indians, followed by the mischievous Lost Boys, as they were hunted down by a ship full of pirates led by Captain Hook and the antics of his sidekick, Smee.  The show opened with Tinker Bell suspended in mid-air as the audience was treated to colorful costumes and sets that transformed from the Darling’s nursery into Hook’s treacherous pirate ship.

Westpark Peter Pan Jr.This year’s exciting production of Peter Pan should be no surprise to anyone that has been around for the past six years. Westpark Elementary has established itself as one of the few elementary schools in the district to put on a full-fledged musical production. Previous year’s production includes junior versions of Alice in Wonderland, Seussical, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid and last year’s My Son, Pinocchio.

Westpark has been fortunate to be under the direction of Ingrid Green, who hopes to inspire each child and to unlock their potential! The show not only exemplifies the talents showcased on stage but off stage as well where her entire backstage student crew learn the lessons of hard work and dedication.