Reminder: School Funding Survey Closes Friday – Student Participation Encouraged

Thank you to those who have participated in IUSD’s school funding survey [Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)].  If you have not taken the survey, please spend a few minutes to provide your feedback by the closing date, Friday, May 15.  survey2

IUSD is also seeking student input.  If you have a student who is able to take the survey, please encourage his/her participation.

California’s new funding model for K-12 education, requires every school district and county office of education to develop, adopt and annually update a three-year LCAP with input from parents, students and other key stakeholders.

As part of this comprehensive process, IUSD has launched the second of two school funding surveys.  This second survey will be used to further help identify District goals and budget priorities.  See below to review the proposed actions, which are inclusive of key stakeholder feedback from the first survey earlier this year.

Take the survey now by clicking here. 

Click here to view the proposed amendments to the 2015-16 LCAP.

This brief survey is an important part of the LCAP process. Please take the time to share your thoughts.