Portola Springs Dedications Showcase State-of-the-art Facility

IUSD hosted two Portola Springs Elementary School dedication ceremonies to welcome students, their families and community to the District’s newest elementary school.  Participants of both ceremonies learned about the features of this state-of-the-art educational facility, which is designed to leverage the talents of teachers and staff as they work to develop each student’s full potential.  PS Ribbon Cutting Group Shot (2)

The first dedication ceremony, led by Superintendent Terry Walker and Principal Heather Phillips, gave the Board of Education, IUSD principals, IUSD PTA presidents, City Councilmembers, community partners, and other local dignitaries the opportunity to experience an interactive tour of the school site.  During the tour, school staff demonstrated the unique features of Portola Springs Elementary, including the Design and Science Lab, high-tech and flexible-design classrooms, music and performing arts spaces, collaborative work spaces, the Innovation Lab, and the Learning Center.

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During his remarks to the capacity crowd, Superintendent Terry Walker spoke about IUSD’s accomplishments and how Portola Springs is representative of IUSD’s vision for preparing our children for competitive 21st Century colleges and careers.

“Our relentlessly changing world requires that we adapt and evolve to best meet the needs of our students,” said Walker.  “Portola Springs Elementary is strategically designed to leverage the power of discovery, collaboration, adaptability and inquiry.  It reflects our own relentless commitment to excellence and exemplifies our award winning education specifications.”

The District also held a special ceremony for Portola Springs students and families, who heard comments from students about how they utilize and love their new school, from Principal Phillips and Superintendent Walker.  Board of Education Members joined the festivities and celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Cub Council members. PS School Ribbon Cutting (2)

Principal Phillips addressed the importance of community and the dedication of her staff in opening this new facility.  “When I was thinking about what to speak to that captures what has happened over this past year, as we began building the Grizzly community, it occurred to me that the word “Dedication” is very fitting,” said Phillips.  “That is what I’ve witnessed this community of teachers, parents, and students demonstrate each and every day.”

She went on to discuss the importance of this new school in providing teachers, staff and students with innovative tools.  “What is truly beautiful about this school is that it allows us to focus on what is really important – students, learning, inclusion, relationship building,” said Phillips.  “We have the opportunity to be creative, to connect with each other and with the world outside the walls of our school.  We aren’t limited by our facility…instead it enhances what we are able to do every day.”

Portola Springs serves north Irvine and is home to 630 students in grades K-6.